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Let’s face it, purchasing office chairs is not a cheap job, especially if you want quality products. But it’s also something you need to invest it, not only for the sake of your employees’ backs but for the appearance of your office space.
If your office has a lot of client traffic passing through, whether they be existing or new customers, you want your office space to say something about you as a company.
If your workspace has much to be desired, it can say a lot about the way you are as a business and where you invest your money. Because people are judgmental unfortunately, and first impressions really are everything. It takes less than 7 seconds to make a judgement made on a first impression.
If you were to walk into a space that were to be pleasing on the eye, it’s only natural that it would have an effect on your mood; and if a client walks into a meeting with an uplifted attitude, then this surely is a good thing, right?
But in order to have nice office chairs, you’re probably now thinking you’re going to have to spend a lot of money. Well, think again. You can buy good quality office chairs, at an affordable price, by visiting
With such a wide variety of products, you are bound to find your perfect office chairs, at a fraction of the price.
From boardroom to bar stool, Cheap Office Chairs have got you covered. Not to mention a carefully handpicked designer range for a more stylish touch.
But for now, here is an insight to the top types of chair available, at a price you can afford.

Executive office chairs

Every CEO needs an executive office chair in their life. An executive chair offers excellent comfort and style, for an all-round office chair experience. Not only do they look the part, but they do as they sound. With high back support and both cushioned armrests and base, they make the perfect chair for spending long days in. They recline, they are practical and are height adjustable. They are basically the all singing all dancing of office chairs.
Cheap Office Chairs start their prices from as little as £67.80 (+VAT) for their “Delph Medium Black Leather Executive Armchair.” This includes great qualities such as decorative stitching detail, lumbar support and heavy-duty arms.
This then ranges from another great price of £177.00 (+ VAT) for their top of the range “Enzo Racing Red and Black Bonded Leather Chair”. This includes fantastic features such as flip back paddle arms, large integral headrest and tensions tilt feature, to name a few.


Ergonomic office chairs

This up and coming office chair is becoming the star of the show. Due to previous office chairs causing health issues, the ergonomic chair has been bought in to solves any niggles or back pains you may have experienced being sat at a desk all day. Its design helps alleviate exert pressure on the spine, and therefore allows for suitable structure against your backbone. This chair is perfect for yourself or your employees putting in the hours at the office. It is designed to help support your posture throughout those long shifts.
It comes with all the adjustable features for your back, neck and arms, which allows you to select your perfect level of comfort.
They are said to be just as comfortable as executive chairs, but with a mesh and fabric combination  for additional support.
Their main benefit is that they allow you to tilt the end of the seat down, which ensures your blood flow isn’t restricted to your lower body.

Cheap office chairs offer their lowest priced ergonomic chair at just £135.00 (+ VAT) for their “Ergo Ergonomic 24 Hour High Black Mesh Chair” compared with their highest at only £153.00 (+ VAT) for their “Thames Ergonomic High Back Operator Adjustable Arms”. As expected, this comes with its fantastic features of high contoured backrest with 3D curvature, multi- directional adjustable armrests and a large base.

Leather office chairs

Leather office chairs are an absolute classic. They are stylish, comfortable and can be just as practical as an ergonomic. Having leather office chairs gives off a sense of luxury and are great for comfort.
Cheap Office Chairs offer a great selection from the “Orion High Back Leather Faced Managers Chair”, at an outstanding price of £72.60 (+ VAT) to the “Hercules Leather Gull Wing Executive Armchair Chrome Base” at £175.00 (+ VAT). This chair is the height of luxury. It offers fully reclining knee tilt mechanisms with tension control, a large base and a generously proportioned seat posture curvature.

Cheap Office Chairs

It should be noted items are subject to availability and can change.
All chairs are also free delivery, another cost cutting benefit and some products can be next day delivery on selective items.

If you browse through the site you can see how often other customers are buying their cheap office chairs and what five star reviews have been left.
When it comes to finding your office chairs, you won’t be disappointed.



Related Questions

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

You have to ask yourself, is your back worth it.
Some office chairs are merely off putting with their price tags, but you can definitely find the perfect chair at an affordable price.
You need to ask yourself, does this chair have adjustable components and is it comfortable.
Purchasing an office chair is really down to individual need and what you want from your chair.
As you’re potentially going to spend most of your life in it, choose wisely and invest in a chair that will support your back.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

The technology and research that goes into a good office chair is really quite extensive. An office chair really needs to be looked at in all angles from how it’s going to prevent back injury to also looking nice enough for a customer to buy.
When you think about all the adjustable functions that comes with a chair and all the specialist material, it’s no wonder some prices are so high.
Although if you browse wisely, you can certainly find an affordable chair with all the adjustments you need.

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