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Are you desk bound Monday- Friday 9-5? Ever suffered a bad back because of it?
Then you need an ergonomic chair in your life.
The best office chair to reduce back pain, assist with lumbar support and prevent injury is the ergonomic office chair.
This variety of chair is armed with numerous components and mechanisms to ensure you can sit comfortably, all day long.
It has been designed in a way that allows you to fully adjust pretty much every area, for the ultimate seated experience.
It should be noted that these aren’t a “one size fits all” chair and you need to shop around to find the perfect one that fits you. For example, if you have long legs but a short body, you need to find something that has adjustable arm rests and can extend to a certain height so you can sit level.
Sitting comfortably is all about stabilising the alignment of your body, which overall can prevent any discomfort or injury.

What is an ergonomic office chair?

The ergonomic chair has been designed especially for those individuals with bad backs or even those with no previous history of back pain.
The sole purpose is to provide comfort and lumbar support.
The lumbar is referred to as your lower back, spine and its surrounding areas. If your lumbar isn’t supported correctly then this can cause significant back pain and unalignment of the entire body.
The ergonomic chair is designed specifically to support the lumbar, alongside other mechanisms which allow you to adjust the whole chair for your perfect position.
The qualities that are included in an ergonomic chair are as followed:

  • Seat height adjustment: This allows for the individual to mirror their body height. The perfect height is when your feet are flat on the floor, and your knees are slightly angled above the hips.
  • Back angle adjustment: This is to allow flexibility to your spine. You should try to avoid sitting in the same position all day and leave the back angle unlocked, therefore promoting natural movability.
  • Seat depth: This is to encourage blood flow to the lower body. The seat depth should be a quarter of an inch between the back of your knee, allowing your legs to move freely.
  • Arm support: An ideal component if you are going to be typing on a computer. This allows your arms to rest.
  • Quality casters/ Strong base: These will be taking the weight of your chair, so make sure you test your base to be strong.
  • Headrest: Not a necessity but ideal if you’ve experienced neck pain in the past.
  • Back tilt: This allows the pressure to be removed from your lower spine.
  • Swivel mechanism: So you are able to move freely to avoid straining.


Why an ergonomic chair is important

The main reason for having an ergonomic chair, is to avoid back injury and promote posture. Not only this but it also provides comfort, which allows you to relax a little bit more whilst you’re working hard and don’t have to worry about a niggling back. This will only boost your productivity at work if you’re focused on the task in hand, rather than on your back pains.
And if your back is being supported, the rest of your body will follow suit. This means your neck, arms, shoulders and hips will also be supported, therefore reducing the likelihood of injury.
When we’re sat down for too long this can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the hips. This can cause the pelvis to tilt at an unwanted angle.
When supported, this provides the correct alignment to the base of your body.

You really don’t want to compromise your health for the sake of a poor-quality chair, but you’re probably sceptical about how much an ergonomic chair is going to cost you.
Have no fear, have got you covered.
With top quality products at affordable prices, you can find your perfect chair.
Just as an added bonus, your office chair will also be delivered free of charge.

What qualities to look for in an ergonomic chair

As previously stated, there are certain qualities you need to look for in a chair and luckily for you, Cheap Office Chairs have just what you’re after.
Here are three ergonomic chairs and the features they come with.

At a low price of £135.00 (+ VAT) the “Ergo Ergonomic 24 Hour High Back Mesh Chair” comes with everything you need.
It’s affordable, practical and has the perfect mesh finish for the flexibility of your spine. With a solid 5 caster base, you will be supported from every angle.
The adjustable headrest here is a nice finishing touch, just to add a bit of luxury to the chair.

The next chair along is the “Severn Ergonomic Medium Black Operator & Adjustable Arms” is only £148.20 (+ VAT) reduced from £182.00. A great saving for a great chair.
This comes equipped with inflatable lumbar support, back height adjustment and seat height adjustment, to name a few. It is also designed so the back is free floating and therefore it can be locked or unlocked, depending on the users individual needs.

But the star of the show is the “Thames Ergonomic High Black Operator Chair Adjustable Arms” at a price of £153.00 (+ VAT) down from £202.00.
This product basically sums up the perfect ergonomic chair.
It includes a high contoured 3D curvature lumbar and spine support; it is multidirectional with adjustable arms and it has a heavy-duty base that can carry up to 25 stone.
If that isn’t enough it also comes with multi- set mechanisms for seat height, backrest, forward seat tilt and slide.
You will not be disappointed with this chair.

Subject to availability as the site updates.

Related questions

What angle should you place your office chair at?

The angle set should be between 94- 155 degrees, which allows the base or trunk of your body to form an angle with your upper legs. This will take the pressure of both your pelvis area and hips.
For an additional height, your arms should be at an angle where your elbows are just about touching the sides.

Is it better to sit on a hard or soft chair?

If you are spending a great deal of time on a chair, you want it to have a firmness about it. A soft chair for an office chair will not provide adequate support. A soft surface will distribute your weight across your muscles and could cause potential injury.
A firm base will support your bones over your muscles, and therefore provide adequate support for your body’s alignment.

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