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If you are sat in an office chair the majority of your working week, then you are more than aware what it does to your posture.
It’s easier said then done to sit up straight for 8 hours a day but as the day goes on, you probably sink into your chair and slouch the last few hours of your shift away.
We are all guilty of doing it, and it can be a hard habit to get out of, but choosing a better office chair could be the answer you’re looking for.
Choosing an office chair to promote you posture doesn’t need to be an expensive or complicated task; have you got you covered with a great choice of chairs, at affordable prices.
It goes without saying that you probably think a swanky office chair with mechanisms for your back is going to cost you an arm and a leg.
But it really doesn’t have to.
For example, offer the Bravo high Back Executive Armchair at only £96.60 (+ VAT) down from £179.00.
This chair comes with everything you need from a weight tension control component to a fully reclining back.
Which is literally everything you need and for under £100.
But you may be wondering, why do I need such a fancy office chair.
But it’s not about being fancy, it’s about being practical.
You want to spend your retirement still able to walk, not suffering with an old back injury.
And this is why it is so important to choose an office chair to assist with your posture.

Why is posture important?

It’s a given that good posture is important, but you may be wondering why exactly.
Here are a few reasons as to why having good posture really is so important:

  • Prevents the spine becoming fixed in a certain way e.g. If you slouch. Good posture will stop any spine abnormalities
  • It decreases the stress on the surrounding ligaments when you’re holding yourself up correctly. These ligaments hold the joints of the spine together
  • Decreases wear and tear on the joints and joint surfaces. This can prevent any long-term joint issues
  • Prevents and decreases back pain and muscular pain
  • Keeps the spine correctly aligned, therefore the rest of your joints and bones can contribute to healthy and normal muscle movement
  • Due to the muscles being used correctly around the affected areas, it prevents muscles becoming fatigued, therefore, allowing the body to use less energy on overworked muscles
  • It generally makes you look better. When you stand up straight you look taller and even slimmer

This is why it is key to find a chair that will promote your posture, and there are a few out there that do just this.

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are designed specially for preventing back pain, assisting with good posture and assisting with any current back issues.
They feature mechanisms such as height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, armrest adjustments and many more.
The main component they offer is to support the lumbar/lower back region.
The lumbar support refers to your lower spine and its surrounding areas. This will promote you to sit correctly and give a good level of posture.
When looking for an ergonomic chair you need to consider your individual needs and find the chair best suited to you.
An example of this is if you have long legs, you need to ensure your chair offers height adjustment and seat depth adjustment. With longer legs, your seat depth needs to be deep enough for you to appreciate the benefits on your lower spine.
This will provide that your lumber is pressed up against the back of the chair. offer a selection of office chairs such as the Ergonomic High Back Operator Chair at only £153.00 (+ VAT) down from £202.00.
This chair offers everything you need for good posture from its high contoured backrest to its multi- set mechanism for gas seat height.
This chair will allow you to make all the necessary adjustments, all whilst sitting comfortably.
You will not be disappointed.

Executive office chairs

An executive chair can offer you everything you need and more.
It has all the components you need for good posture combined with a luxury finish. has a huge variety of executive chairs, such as the Friesian High Back Executive Chair With Satin Chrome Base. This chair is great for price as it is reduced from £262.00 to £129.80 (+ VAT).
It features everything you need to promote your posture such as built in lumbar support, weight tension control and gas height adjustment, to name a few.

Chairs are subject to availability.



Related Questions

Are armrests bad for posture?

Armrests aren’t necessarily harmful, but they can contribute to your muscles overworking.
If you are sat in a seated position with your arms resting, then no muscle is needed.
However, if you are using a keyboard and mouse, whilst switching between these tasks, your arms can use unnecessary muscles that may affect your posture and alignment.
Armrests are still a great addition to have, especially for the upper back region, but if you are typing or using a mouse, it is advised to have your arms by the side of your own body to minimise posture issues.
Armrests are for a general resting purpose or if you’re sat still.

What is the best position to be sat for posture?

For both posture and lumbar support it is always advised to be sat with your feet flat on the floor. The base of your spine should be as far back as possible to the back of your chair and this will allow your lower body to align.
With your feet flat on the floor, your knees should be in line with your hips or even slightly higher if possible.
This will promote blood flow to the lower limbs and take any tensions of the pelvis and hip area.
If you have a head rest then don’t become lazy with this mechanism. It’s ideal for those with neck pains but if not, it should be used sparingly.
It is also advised to avoid crossing the legs if possible and to not to lean to one side.



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