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Finding the perfect office furniture should be the least of your worries, but when it comes to buying a chair, it’s a completely different story.
If you work Monday- Friday, 9-5, you could be spending up to 40 hours per week sitting down; And you certainly want to be sitting comfortably, don’t you?
Buying the perfect office chair is made easy at With a wide variety of options, at an affordable price, you truly will be spoilt for choice.

Making the decision to purchase new office chairs, whether this be for yourself, clients or your employees, you want to ensure you consider all the options available.
With so many different styles and levels of comfort, you need to think about what your individuals’ needs are.

Below are a list of office chairs available, what they are best used for and whether this will help consider what you may be looking for.


With modern office spaces becoming a thing of the future, barstools are very on trend for both clients and employees.
If you have any high desks in your workspace, a bar stool is a great addition. They still provide both support and comfort, whilst also giving a stylish edge.
These types of stool are great for more casual low-key meetings or if you fancy stretching your legs and getting a bit of height.
An example of what has to offer is the “Java-D High Back Draughtsman Chair”. At only £116.40 (+ VAT) reduced from £136.40, it is the perfect addition to a high desk.
Coming in an array of colours it also provides an underneath skirt, an adjustable foot ring and sculptured lumbar support, to name a few.


The perfect chair for a meeting. Again, whether this be clients or employees, a boardroom chair is just what you need to slot around a large table. These chairs won’t be necessarily sat in as long as your typical office chair so there’s no need for fancy mechanisms, although some do offer a few.
The “Coniston-C Cantilever Framed Visitors Chair”, is the perfect boardroom chair.
At only £105.80 (+ VAT) it is also completely affordable.
It offers features such as a generously proportioned seat and backrest, a height adjustment mechanism and heavy duty arms, to also name a few. This gives clients great comfort, and with the option to adjust the chair to their needs.


The ergonomic chair is the most versatile of them all.
It comes with a multitude of components, especially designed to support your lumbar and lower spine region.
This chair is ideal for yourself or employees who will be sat down for long periods of times.
Most ergonomic chairs need to be considered on a more personal level. Each chair needs to be chosen according to the individuals needs e.g. back pain, longer legs, heavier base etc. has the “Ergo Ergonomic 24 Hour High Black Mesh Chair” at the low price of £135.00 (+ VAT). This chair has everything you need for supporting your back. It has strong castors to support the base, adjustable armrests and even a head rest. A headrest is an added luxury, but even better if you’ve ever suffered from neck or back pain, as it just offers that additional support.


The executive chair is the ultimate office chair of its kind. It offers luxury, style, comfort and support. It’s the all-round chair experience and every CEO needs one.
With fine-tuned stitching and attention to detail, this will add class to your office space.
The “Titan High Back Leather Effective Chair” is the available at the outstanding price of £115.40 (+ VAT) reduced from £226.00. A price that can’t be beaten.
This luxury leather chair offers additional padding for extra comfort, integral headrest and fully reclining tilt mechanism, which is also lockable.
You will not be disappointed with what this chair has to offer and what image it will portray to your clients.


If you have a reception or waiting area in your office, then having efficient chairs for new or existing clients is essential.
You want to give your clients a good first impression, all whilst providing a comfortable waiting space.
The “Belmont Leather Faced Armchair with Chrome” is a top of the range chair for your clients to sit on. At £293.80 (+ VAT) it has a massive saving from its original price of £672.00.
This chair offers an elegant level of detail all whilst providing a strong base for comfort. Your clients will thank you for this level of luxury.


All chairs are free delivery with some options available for next day delivery.
The products listed are subject to availability.

Related Questions

How do I choose an office chair for back pain?

Whether this be office chair related or from a previous injury, you should ensure you select a chair you can tailor to your needs.
The best chairs for back pain are ergonomic, as they have been designed especially to deal with this. In order to prevent back pain, you need to ensure it has an adjustable height mechanism.
With your feet flat on the floor, your knees need to be higher than your hips as this encourages blood flow to the lower spine and limbs, all whilst taking any pressure off the hip and pelvic area.
A seat with an adjustable seat pan or depth is also a good component to look for. The back of your knees should be approximately 2- 4 inches away from the edge of your chair, whilst your lumbar/ lower spine should be about to sit right back against your seat.
A final touch to consider it the lumbar support itself. A contoured back will provide the correct support for the curvature of your spine.

What is the best office chair for upper back pain?

A headrest is ideal for upper back pain. It provides that additional stability for your neck, so your upper back doesn’t take the strain.
Adjustable arm rests are also ideal, especially if you’re using a keyboard the majority of you working day.
By resting your arms comfortably and with no overstretch,  this again takes the tension from between the shoulders and across the upper back.

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