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When it comes to purchasing high quality office furniture you have a range of decisions to make, particularly with chairs. Office seating is probably one of the biggest choices you will have to make as providing comfort to your employees should always come first.


A new contender to the world of office seating is mesh chairs and if you haven’t considered them before perhaps it’s time for you to sit up and notice as they have a number of benefits!


Mesh is a great alternative to the more traditional office seating materials, leather and fabric. Whilst they are the ‘heavyweights’ in the office furniture world perhaps you can be persuaded to try something new? To satisfy the animal lover in you, mesh could be a great alternative to leather. If you’re thinking along the lines of ease of cleaning, mesh would be a much better option than fabric.


Need more convincing? Well, mesh chairs offer two different kinds of lumbar support. One option is to have the chair come in a specific design that contours to the user’s back with adjustable seat backs to position the curve in the right place. The second, is a removable mesh cushion that fits to the seatback and curves around the lower back of the user. This can be adjusted for varying heights. Back pain is one of the most common injuries to office workers and it is definitely something to consider when purchasing an office chair. Employers don’t want to see their employees going on sick leave due to a poor choice in office seating!


Of course, there will always be advantages and disadvantages with whatever you decide to buy. So, let’s run through these to help you make the right decision!


The Benefits to Mesh Chairs


  • For the most part, mesh chairs have a fairly open back, this increases breathability and allows a greater amount of air to circulate while the user is seated on them. This means the user will feel a lot cooler and it will lower the potential of that horrible experience when you feel your legs stick to the back of your leather chair on a hot day.


  • Have you ever moved an office chair that’s heavy and awkward? Annoying isn’t it? Mesh chairs are extremely lightweight and very easy to move around. This could save a lot of potential injuries!


  • The durability and minimalism of mesh chairs make them very easy to clean and maintain. Most will only need to be wiped with a wet cloth which could save a lot of money on expensive cleaning products that are used on alternative products. The strength of material makes them a great choice as you won’t get any rips or fraying on the chairs as is possible in leather and fabric.


  • When it comes to price, the mesh is usually much cheaper than the common leather office chair. Despite this, they still very much look the part and will not compromise the aesthetics of your office.



The Disadvantages of Mesh Office Chairs


  • Although a mesh chair is comfortable and supportive, its comfort is very rarely equivalent to that of its leather and fabric counterparts. For that reason, it may not be advisable to purchase these for employees who plan to spend long hours at a desk.


  • Whilst mesh chairs are durable and not prone to damage, they do sag over time. This means their level of support will decrease and it may require the user to replace it far earlier than you would need to with a leather or fabric chair.


  • Currently based on what is available, there are far less choices of mesh chairs in terms of colour and design. It’s very common to find them only in black and grey colour schemes. While this could be a problem for brighter coloured offices this could change as their popularity increases.



Alternatives to Mesh Chairs


If mesh just isn’t your thing then why not consider the following:


  • Leather – They offer a prestigious look along with a lot of comfort. Unfortunately, they can be very expensive to maintain.


  • Fabric – One of the most common choices for office seating. They’re comfortable, easy to maintain and come in a lot of different designs. One drawback is as they aren’t as breathable as some options, they are more susceptible to stains and odours.


  • Vinyl – Can offer a great look to your office without having to pay the price-tag for leather. They are easier to wipe down stains than some alternatives but do not hold heat very well and could leave users feeling cold.


  • Plastic – A cost effective, durable and easy to clean seating option that can be easily stacked for later use; however, not as comfortable or as easy to adjust for ergonomics.



Why is Lumbar Support Important?

A lumbar back support helps maintain good posture by providing a filling between your lumbar spine and your seat. It supports the natural inward curve of your back preventing you from slouching or leaning forward.

Are High Back Office Chairs Better?

High back chairs offer support to the lower back and upper back including your neck and shoulders and usually more adjustable. It’s a good choice for those who are sat at a desk for extended periods of time.


Will Lumbar Support Help Sciatica?

With the correct support you can ease pressure on the sciatic nerve and reduce pain. Sciatica starts in the lumbar region when it is tight or has weakened. Lumbar support can help correct your posture and help position your back correctly.

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