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Ergonomic Office Chairs

View our collection of Ergonomic Office Chairs from the leading suppliers across the UK. All our modular sofas are available with free delivery to you.

All our office chairs have been picked by experts based on comfort quality and cost. We have been supplying office furniture for nearly 20 years and have been able to build up great relationships with suppliers and this is how we manage to pass huge savings on to you as our customer. 

£217.81 + VAT £192.05 + VAT

Ergo Ergonomic 24 Hour High Back Mesh Chair

£232.30 + VAT £207.23 + VAT

Severn Ergonomic Medium Back Operator & Adjustable Arms

£255.30 + VAT £212.75 + VAT

Thames Ergonomic High Back Operator Chair Adjustable Arms

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